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Wn33a Graye-sur-Mer

Block type gun casemate with serious damage

Wn33a site overview

What to see

By the time the allies had landed only one large casemate had been constructed at Wn33a, a small complex to the east of Ver-sur-Mer.
The casemate is a R677 type and once housed a 88mm Pak 43/41 gun, facing to the east. Like many positions on the Gold Beach area, a second casemate of the type R612 was planned. This was due to cover the site to the west, but was never built.
To help speed up construction, instead of building casemates by pouring concrete into wooden moulds, they used concrete Formenstein blocks (like giant breeze blocks) in two layers and filled the gap in between with poured concrete. This R677 is a prime example of the build type, and highlights how they weren't as strong as poured concrete builds with the damage it exhibits from high explosive naval shells.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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