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Wn32 La Marefontaine

Four field gun casemates inland of Gold Beach

Wn32 site overview

What to see

Batterie 'Vera' at La Marefontaine to the south of Ver-sur-Mer was a small but powerful batterie consisting of four R669 casemates for 10cm guns that would cover any landing attempts moving inland from the beaches around Ver-sur-Mer, Graye-sur-Mer, and as far east as Courseulles-sur-Mer.
The guns here were old, WWI relics and the casemates built for them were hurriedly constructed with Formenstein blocks reinforced with steel and poured concrete in the gaps between the layers.
This batterie site was heavily bombed prior to June 6 and traded blows with the British light cruiser HMS Belfast (now moored as a museum on the River Thames in London) on the morning of D-Day but shows little damage.
While the batterie fired over 80 shells in return, by the time British landing forces reached the site in the morning of D-Day it had been abandoned.
The site is on private land and permission must be sought before visiting.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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