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Stp35a Mont Fleury batterie

Special construction batterie still being built on D-Day

Stp35 site overview

What to see

This location had the potential to be an important defence of this area of occupied France had the site been finished. The plan was to build four SK special construction casemates for huge 12.2cm captured Russian guns which would have been capable of trading blows with ships miles out to sea.
Constructed from Formstein blocks, only one of the casemates - the most easterly - was fully built by D-Day with the other three in various stages.
The guns planned for them were hidden behind the site in woodland to protect them as the area received a lot of attention from Allied bombers in the lead up to the June 6 landings.
Casemate 1 - the completed casemate - and casemate 2 now stand as part of housing development on the western edge of Ver-sur-Mer. Casemate 1 is closed but Casemate 2 is used as accomodation with a set of steps being built from the rear up the left hand flank to the roof.
Casemate 3 is a dumping area and best avoided while Casemate 4 is little more than a few courses of blocks at the edge of a farmer's field.

Stp35a Batterie Mont Fleury can been seen from the car park for the new British Normandy Memorial which stands on the same hillside to the west of this batterie.


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