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Wn175 Flamingo

Bunker site protecting east flank of Cap Gris Nez batteries

Wn175 Flamingo site overview

What to see

Wn175 Flamingo near the village of Tardinghen provided another line of defence to the batteries of the Cap Gris Nez – Todt and Grosser Kurfurst – from attackers moving along the coast from the east.
It’s a small Widerstandsnest with three clusters of concrete constructions. One is an open emplacement for a 2cm anti-aircraft gun along with an ammunition store and defensive Tobruk.
The second is another open emplacement but this time for a 7.5cm field gun with an ammunition bunker and garage for protecting the gun from bombing raids.
The site’s toughest building was the R612 casemate which again featured a 7.5cm gun trained to the east.
Wn175 is on private farmland and access is only with permission.


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