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Wn169 Darmstadt

Small concrete build on the coast near Batterie Todt

Wn169 Darmstadt site overview

What to see

There isn’t much left to see at this tiny Widerstandsnest on the edge of the cliffs to the north of the town of Audresselles apart from the roof of a small personnel shelter next to the coastal path.
Wn169 stands less than two hundred metres from the north facing R680 casemate of Stp170 Heidelberg and on the cliffs above Cran du Noirda where the troops here would have presided over the beach exit which connect to the main coast road.
Behind it you can see the massive Turm 4 of Batterie Todt while the coastal path to the north takes you past more than a dozen cliff top strongpoints, radar locations, and gun batteries.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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