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Wn167 Schwert

Fallen bunker site in front of Batterie Todt

Wn167 Schwert site overview

What to see

Wn167 Schwert and the nearby Wn167a Ziethen are two, cliff top Widerstandsnests (resistance nests) standing on the coast in front of the huge Batterie Todt complex and are tiny in comparison to the four Turms which hosted the giant coastal guns.
Wn167 Schwert – to the north of Ziethen – has suffered from the erosion of the cliffs and there are at least two former machine gun bunkers now resting on the beach, along with several unidentifiable pieces of concrete.
On top of the cliffs, right next to the coastal path, you’ll find Schwert’s remaining Wellblech shelter, which is in a good condition, unlike the Wellblech that’s the sole building at the neighbouring Wn167a Ziethen site which is almost completely destroyed and is now partially buried.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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