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Wn166a Seydlich

Radar and range finding site for Batterie Todt's guns

Wn166a Seydlich site overview

What to see

This small position was one of the most important Widerstandsnests in the area as it was the site of the fire control and range finding equipment for the Batterie Todt which stands just a few hundred metres to the rear.
Wn166a Seydlitz features two large personnel shelters with one hosting a V229 stand for a Wurzburg Riese radar system on top.
The special construction Leitstand or observation bunker is partially destroyed but you can still see where the dome shaped rangefinder device was located with the original fixing bolts still in place and the room below where the data would have been analysed ready to pass on to the commanders of the Batterie Todt guns.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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