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Wn163 Wallenstein

Radar and observation position at Cap Gris Nez

Wn163 Wallenstein site overview

What to see

Given the lofty location on top of the Cap Gris Nez cliffs it’s not surprising that there are numerous radar and observation positions in this area, and Wn163 Wallenstein features both types of buildings.
The largest here is a Kommandostand/observation bunker which is a huge building that also housed troops and communications, with a V229 stand for a Wurzburg radar just over fifty metres to the southwest. Both can be seen from the coastal path which runs alongside the site and takes you to and from Framezelle, the village near to where the massive Grosser Kurfurst batterie was built.
To the front of the Kommandostand is a position for a 2cm anti-aircraft gun and an almost completely buried personnel shelter and these are difficult to access as they are on farmland.
Wn163 Wallenstein is also a site that, from above, you can see the evidence of the heavy bombing which occurred over the Cap Gris Nez area with dozens of craters in the fields in front of this and the neighbouring Wn164 Tilly and Stp164a Sicklingen sites.
Wallenstein is located on private farmland which is used by cattle and so the site is off limits to the public without permission.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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