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Wn154 Fuchsbau

Small but powerful bunker site east of Cap Gris Nez

Wn154 Fuchsbau site overview

What to see

This beautiful stretch of coastline between Cap Gris Nez and Wissant was once heavily fortified with numerous positions located on top of the 40m high cliffs.
Wn154 Fuchsbau stands to the east of two smaller beach exit sites in Wn159a Falke and Wn159 Sturmvogel and has a commanding view to the east as far as the wide sandy beaches of Wissant.
This site also stands on the coast in front of the massive Grosser Kurfurst batterie and north of Batterie Todt.
There are a few remaining structures to be found. The largest casemate – an R612 for a 7.5cm field gun - is still in place on the edge of the cliff but is completely overgrown and now inaccessible from the popular coastal pathway which runs through the area.
This casemate and its gun, along with a smaller bunker to the rear for a heavy machine gun face east along the beach.
There are steps down to the beach below where you can find a Vf2a shelter and VF Pak gun bunker which was built for a Skoda 4.7cm fortress gun, again facing to the east.
Once located higher on the cliff, erosion of the soft cliff has seen both buildings slip down to the shoreline and collapse. They also show signs of being exposed to a series of controlled ammunition detonations and just outside the embrasure of the Vf Pak casemate you can see large calibre shell casings welded to each other and the concrete of the buildings – the result of high intensity, high heat explosions.
Beware if visiting the beach area as the tide can cut you off from returning to the steps and pathway.


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