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Wn142 Posen

Anti-tank wall at Wissant beach exit

Wn142 Posen site overview

What to see

In the northern part of the town of Wissant you can spot some reminders of the defences constructed here during the German occupation from 1940 onwards.
The standout build is the long sections of anti-tank wall which runs along the beachfront where the sailing school is now located. The modern lifeguard station building at the end of the promenade stands on top of the WW2 Vf Schnabelstand which functioned as an observation post with defensive capabilities for the site.
There’s a small car park near the sailing school and cafes which enables you to explore the Widerstandsnest, but you need to get there early as it fills up quickly most mornings.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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