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Wn112 Duisburg

Radar and anti-aircraft bunker site on cliff edge

Wn112 Duisburg site overview

What to see

Located on the cliffs at Petit Blanc Nez, Wn112 Duisburg was a radar and anti-aircraft gun site, and you can still see many of the original buildings as you walk along the picturesque coastal path from Escalles to Wissant in the south.

The radar here was a dish-type Wurzburg ‘Coastwatcher’ and this was located at the centre of the Widerstandsnest in a brick-built enclosure with concrete base. This stands next to the path and can easily been seen up close.

The site features three open emplacements for 20mm anti-aircraft guns in a triangle formation. One is right next to the pathway and is in good condition, allowing you to see the mix of concrete and brick used to construct it. The second emplacement is off limits due to its proximity to the cliff edge and it’s on borrowed time. Next to it stands a personnel shelter which rests on the lip of the cliff edge and the front wall has already fallen onto the beach a long way below – do not go inside!

A twin-room, personnel shelter plus two ammunition stores can also be seen to the rear of the site near to the third AA position.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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