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Stp188 Schlesien

Early-war Battle of Britain Luftwaffe airfield site

Stp188 Schlesien site overview

What to see

Following Germany’s occupation of northern France in 1940 a series of airfields were established along the coast in the Pas de Calais region from Calais to Boulogne-sur-Mer.
This site – built for the offensive against Britain - is situated between the village of Ledquent and Marquise and was originally known as Marquise West.
It supported fighter groups from June 1940 until December 1940 when it ceased to host operational units. In April 1942 the airfield was non-operational and in September 1942 the site was handed over the German Army.
As the runway was a grass strip type instead of paved it’s difficult to see the exact positions where the aircraft would have taken off and landed, but there are still a number of concrete buildings which supported the airfield to be found.
These are located around the village and farm area where offices, storage buildings, and barracks would have been located for the Luftwaffe and following soldiers.
Today the most obvious buildings are the defensive machine gun positions in the form of three Vf3 MG and observation posts – one which also has an attached Tobruk - plus four Vf2a shelters, and a Wellblech.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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