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Stp186 Wiesbaden 'Breslau I'

Luftwaffe radio jamming site ‘Breslau I’

Stp186 Wiesbaden site overview

What to see

Occupying the 120m high ground of Mont de la Louve inland of the Batterie Todt site near Audinghen, Pas de Calais you can find the remains of Luftwaffe base Wiesbaden.
This site – originally known as Breslau I - was a radio jamming station and featured three large FuMS S604/2 type transmitter aerials which were an early electronic warfare system created to disrupt Britain’s radio detection abilities.
The three masts are long gone but you can still find the three bases which supported them at the edges of the agricultural fields on which the site is now found.
In addition, there’s also an open emplacement for a FuMG Freya, early-warning detection radar system which had a range of around 200km and was able to detect incoming Allied aircraft.
Unusually, the site also featured a fire control post – possible for artillery batteries nearby – and this has a position on top for a 2cm anti-aircraft gun, of which there were three located here.
There are also lots of personnel buildings here including two R668 six-man bunkers, munitions stores, an air-raid shelter, water storage bunkers, and generator bunkers.
While now overgrown, there are also foundations for wooden barracks for the crews manning the station and its defences.
The site was renamed as Stp186 Wiesbaden in 1944. It stands on private land and access is with permission only as it also used for game shooting.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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