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Stp178 Kellergeist

Luftwaffe radar site on high ground near Wissant

Stp178 Kellergeist site overview

What to see

Located on top of Mont Plouvin just a few kilometres inland of the beach town of Wissant, Stp178 Kellergeist was a radar station which was established in the autumn of 1942.
This was an early warning aircraft detection site which could detect Allied aircraft over 250km away and was designed to work in conjunction with other sites around the Boulogne-sur-Mer area.
At the centre of Kellergeist was a L485 bunker which supported and Mammut type radar array – a huge structure of 11m by 28m – and it is believed that the site also featured Freya and Wurzburg Riese radars for pinpoint tracking of aerial threats and aiding German interceptors.
Supporting the radars are several personnel shelters along with an air-raid shelter, kitchen building, and toilet block.
At the western edge of the site are the remains of three R637 measuring post/observation bunkers which enjoyed a clear view of the bay of Wissant and were the observation posts for inland artillery batteries.
Although the site is accessible, most of the buildings are completely covered by vegetation and so can’t be entered safely.


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