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Stp165 Frundsberg

Unusual double-headed observation bunker

Stp165 Frundsberg site overview

What to see

An unusual double-headed observation bunker is the stand-out building at Stp165 Frundsberg.
Located at the Pointe du Riden near Audinghen, this bunker also provided target information for the big guns at the nearby Todt and Grosser Kurfurst batteries inland, the rear observation position allowing observation and communication back to the batteries. It must have been an incredible place to watch the 380mm Todt guns fire.
The bunker stands on the rapidly eroding cliff face and it won’t be long before the front observation position is overhanging the cliff top.
Access via a protected side door has now been ceased due to the bunker’s position, but you can look inside and see the large room which connected the two viewing positions.
To the south is Stp165b Blucher. Overlooking the long stretch of beach towards Audresselles to the southwest of the position, this small Widerstandsnest features an R612 casemate for a 75mm field gun and the remains of one of two small concrete storage niches built on the cliffs.
Although looking through the embrasure along the beach gives an incredible view, with the increased levels of erosion to the cliff face in this area in recent years it is no longer advisable to go inside the bunker.


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