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Stp164a Sicklingen

Kriegsmarine radar site with large gun bunkers

Stp164a Sicklingen site overview

What to see

This site near Waringzelle on the Cap Gris Nez cliffs features a mixture of large buildings including a radar position, two M270 type gun casemates and two R622 double group shelters for troops manning the positions.
The radar here was a Mammut type and was supported by three huge plinths with a V143 communications bunker underneath. These hoarding-like radars were one of the most common radar systems used by Germany in WW2.
The two M270 casemates were built for 17cm guns, and they are mirror images of each other with one a ‘left hand’ on one a ‘right hand’ construction.
It’s also a place that, from above, you can see the evidence of the heavy bombing which occurred over the Cap Gris Nez area with dozens of craters in the fields in front of this and the neighbouring Wn164 Tilly command post site.
Tilly is located on private farmland and munitions are still being discovered here so the site is off limits to the public for your own safety.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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