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Stp164 Tilly

Heavily-bombed command bunker site

Stp164 Tilly site overview

What to see

Strongpoint 164 Tilly features one of the best preserved Kommandostands or Command Post bunkers in the area, although it is now heavily overgrown and inaccessible from the rear entrance you can still see the domed observation frontage and the curved design of this huge building.
To the rear there is a personnel shelter known as a Wellblech and this has the addition of a cold-joined raised concrete platform on its flank, giving the building a unique look. This platform was built for a small calibre – possibly 20mm - anti-aircraft gun judging by the scale of the space created.
It’s also a place that, from above, you can see the evidence of the heavy bombing which occurred over the Cap Gris Nez area with dozens of craters in the fields in front of this and the neighbouring Wn164a Sicklingen radar and bunker site. Clearly the anti-aircraft gun wasn’t too effective!
Tilly is located on private farmland and munitions are still being discovered here so the site is off limits to the public for your own safety.


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