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Stp161a Pappenheimer

Twin observation bunkers for Cap Gris Nez batteries

Stp161a Pappenheimer site overview

What to see

Unusually, this site on the Cap Gris Nez cliffs features two observation bunkers – one on the edge of the cliffs looking out to sea and the second a few hundred metres inland.
The inland bunker features two observation positions suggesting it was used for communication and observation over the two large bunker sites located either side of Pappenheimer, Wn163 Wallenstein and Stp161 Bumerang on the point of the Cap.
There’s no doubting the view from the coastal obs position though, it commands an excellent location over the sea to the west of the cap and would have enjoyed a front row seat to watch shipping passing between it and the south coast of Kent, England, just a few kilometres away.
Given the cliff edge location of the bunker it has been closed off to visitors for safety reasons.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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