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Stp131 Paderborn

Evolved batterie site near airfield

Stp131 Paderborn site overview

What to see

Stp131 Paderborn, at Saint-Inglevert, stands next to the small airfield of the same name and features four R669 type casemates for 10.5cm guns, easily capable of reaching the coast just over 5km away to the northwest.
Like many of the strategic locations where gun positions were established following the occupation, this site was originally created for four captured guns which were placed in open emplacements.
As the German’s consolidated their defences on their newly acquired lands, these emplacements were gradually replaced by concrete casemates, giving the guns and their crews much better protection from attack.
The original guns here were of 15cm calibre but they were moved to another location once the casemates were built and 10.5cm guns were moved in.
All four casemates can be seen from the road into the airfield, but they are located on farmland so not accessible without permission. The remains of the open emplacements can also be seen further back into the field, although these are mostly overgrown now.
On the road into the site there are also the remains of a Vf2a group shelter and two small personnel/storage bunkers.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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