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Stp120a Sauerland

Lakeside bunker site inland of Wissant beach

Stp120a Sauerland site overview

What to see

This small strongpoint stands to the southwest of the town of Wissant and features two impressive-looking bunkers – a R637 observation post and rare R600 anti-tank gun emplacement.
Both buildings can be accessed – the R600 through a somewhat overgrown rear entrance and the R637 by crawling through the original escape shaft in the side of the bunker.
Inside they’re in a decent state although moving around in them is difficult due to the sharp angles they slope at due the being undermined by the excavation work when the Le Fartz lake was created from gravel extraction following the war. The lake is now used for fishing so be careful when walking around so not to disturb the anglers.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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