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Wn92 Maus

Small resistance nest amongst derelict Bleriot Plage beach huts

Wn92 Maus site overview

What to see

There’s a lot of demolition and redevelopment work going on at the beach around Bleriot Plage with many of the old beach huts being removed. Hidden amongst them are a number of small resistance nests, including Wn92 Maus.
As with most of the bunker sites along the coast here this one boasted two R612 casemates – one each facing to the east and west along the long sandy beach – which were the protective buildings for 7.5cm field cannons.
Both are heavily overgrown with shifting sands also covering them. The entrances and embrasures have been blocked up a long time ago so who knows what state they are inside.
Also at Maus is a partially buried R621 single group shelter for troops stationed at the Widerstandsnest, plus a L430A garage bunker which supported a 150cm searchlight. Only the roof of the searchlight garage is now visible.


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