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Wn82/2 Nilpferd II

Small strongpoint between fort and railway gun site

Wn82/2 Nilpferd II site overview

What to see

Located to the west of Calais city centre, Wn86/2 Nilpferd II is a small resistance nest featuring just two remaining structures – a large shelter building and a R677 casemate built for an 8.8cm Pak 43/41 gun.
The site is directly north of Stp88 Glan at Fort Nieulay and to the west of Stp89 Fulda – a railway gun position – and would have provided cover between the two sites.
The railway line from Fulda would have run along the rear of this site and the 28cm gun here would have been able to make its way west towards the other railway gun sites known as Unstrut, Mulheim, and Bremen.
Both structures are overgrown, and the shelter has been filled in with earth. The casemate is full of rubbish so shouldn’t be entered, for your own safety.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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