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Wn79 Otter

Well defended bunker site which played a vital observation role too

Wn79 Otter site overview

What to see

There’s a lot of concrete to discover at Wn79 at Bleriot Plage, a site which had been used by the German army (Heers), Kriegsmarine, and Luftwaffe during its short lifespan.
It features two beachside R612 casemates in close proximity which is unusual for a German bunker site this closeness leaves them susceptible to them both being damaged by aerial or sea-based attacks.
Defensive positions like these were normally located at the extremes of sites to provide fire along the beaches but these give east and west direction fire from the same location.
Behind the two casemates is one of the largest buildings constructed along this coastline, a special construction Kommandostand HQ bunker featuring a network of around 15 rooms inside and an observation and target distance measuring post facing out to sea. Next to it stands a second observation post – this one facing inland – with a short section of concrete wall and an attached machine gun position.
The scale of the Kommandostand and multiple observation posts would seem somewhat extreme for the site, but it is believed that Wn79 also performed an important role as an observation position for several of the larger batteries located along the coast here including the nearby Lindemann, Todt, and Grosser Kurfurst as well as Waldam and Oldenburg to the east of the port of Calais.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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