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Wn Bremen

Beach-front bunker site with blown up R219 gun casemate

Wn Bremen site overview

What to see

Located east along the beach form the huge MKB Malo Terminus batterie and fort site, Wn Bremen features more modest constructions, with the stand-out building a R219 Doppelschartenstand.
This double-embrasure casemate was created to give fire along the beach here in both directions – to the west towards Malo Terminus and to the east towards Stp Bruno and the Zuydcoote dunes.
The front of the casemate is a solid concrete wall with two flanking walls which would prevent anyone approaching from the sea seeing the flash from the muzzle of the 5cm KwK anti-tank gun inside.
You can still see the mount and platform where the gun would rotate to fire through the two embrasures to fire in each direction, but the bunker has been subjected to a large explosion and the effects of the sea with the roof collapsed into itself.
Nearby are the remains of a small shelter and a Tobruk machine gun position.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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