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Wn Beate

Inland defensive site with MG positions

Wn Beate site overview

What to see

Located on the inland edge of the dunes at Zuydecoote Plage, Wn Beate is a small bunker site which offered rear protection for larger casemated sites on the beach around 700m to the north.
Beate is an overgrown site but still features a defensive Tobruk for a machine gun plus a doppelschartenstand – a twin embrasure bunker for a heavy machine gun.
The remains of two Wellbelch personnel shelters and two field shelters can also be found in the scrubland location.
To the west of the site next to the small road which runs alongside a narrow train track you can see the upper parts of a single soldier guard post, with most of the small building buried in the ground.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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