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Stp81 Qualle

Small strongpoint to the west of Calais port area

Stp81 Qualle site overview

What to see

The coastline to the west of Calais is lettered with dozens of Widerstandsnests and Stutzpunktes (Stp strongpoints) along its cliffs, with some more developed than others.
Stp81 Qualle (many of the sites are named after birds and animals here) at Bleriot Plage is one of the smaller strongpoints however it did feature two large R612 type casemates – facing east and west along the beach – with 7.5cm field guns housed within each. To the west of these is an early R219 double flanking casemate which allowed the gun inside to fire in both directions along the beach although you do have to imagine this as the casemate is heavily covered by the dunes now.
With Qualle’s proximity to other sites less than a couple of hundred metres away, these three gun positions would have been able to create a crossfire with neighbouring casemates creating a kill zone along the beaches.
To the east of the site you can find a small observation bunker almost buried in the dunes. This building is part of the larger Stp80 Pinguin site.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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