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Stp80 Pinguin and MKB Fort Lapin

German bunker site built around French Fort Lapin

Stp80 Pinguin site overview

What to see

Many bunker sites built by the occupying German forces were established on old French forts and Stp80 Pinguin at Bleriot Plage, Calais is a prime example.
Completed in 1941, this small Kriegsmarine batterie is located around the 19th century Fort Lapin – built around 1860 - which is now almost completely buried by the dunes with just one crumbling building still accessible with care.
Next to the old fort building is a special construction shelter for the troops stationed here, plus a rare R118c type bunker, an early type of Atlantikwall construction which was used as a ‘dressing station’ medical facility. The R118c is almost fully buried except for a short section of the roof and wall still visible.
On the beach front you can discover a M176 type casemate which was one of two originally planned at the site. This north-west facing casemate housed a 10.5cm coastal gun.
An open emplacement for a captured Russian 7.62cm gun stands at the top of the dune to the east of the M176 and although this is now largely covered by dune vegetation, you can see what an incredible vantage point it was and how much ground the weapon would have been able to control.
Located between Pinguin and Stp81 Qualle to the west is a tiny observation post which, although over 300m away from the main bunkers, still belongs to the Stp80 and would have provided the site with target information.
The authorities are trying to protect the delicate sand dune system here so although access can be made to the whole site, it’s being discouraged, and visitors are asked to stick to the footpaths.


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