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Stp27 Lippe

Heavy anti-aircraft gun batterie on southern outskirts of Calais

Stp27 Lippe site overview

What to see

This Luftwaffe site is one of the heaviest anti-aircraft gun batteries established in Northern France and was built on the southern outskirts of the city of Calais.
It features six Waffenkomission-Fest or WaKoFest emplacements for 88mm flak guns and two WaKoFest buildings for smaller 20mm guns.
Two observation bunkers can also be found at the site, one of which stands within the centre of the ring of 88mm stands.
Some parts of the site cannot be accessed as they’re on private land, but you can access the roof areas of a couple of the 88mm stands and make out the spots where the huge guns would have stood. Two ramps on either side of the buildings are still visible, as are several niches where ammunition was stored.
This site is a dumping ground for industrial waste and is best avoided for safety reasons.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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