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Stp26 Elbe

Luftwaffe radio guidance station south east of Calais

Stp26 Elbe site overview

What to see

Located on the southern outskirts of Calais, Stp26 Elbe was a Luftwaffe radio guidance station created for the X-Gerat system which directed Heinkel HE111 bombers from their bases in Britanny and Chartes to targets over England.
This system – an upgrade from the Knickebein guidance system – used radio beams which the pilots could follow to their targets and was responsible for directing bombers to destroy the city of Coventry, England in November 1940.
Elbe is split by the A16 motorway with a L434 squadron command post to the north and a bunker supporting a large transmitter aerial to the south.
The L434 stands behind a small row of shops and is located within the gardens of private housing so cannot be accessed.
The ‘send station’ aerial bunker is near a small industrial park and can be viewed from the car park and D943 road from where you can also see two small supporting shelters.


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