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Stp106 Dresden

Kriegsmarine strongpoint on Sangatte clifftop

Stp106 Dresden site overview

What to see

Standing in the shadow of the once massive Batterie Lindemann near Sangatte is strongpoint Stp106 Dresden, a Kriegsmarine clifftop bunker site which offered plenty of firepower itself.
That came from two M270 casemates, both of which are now standing precariously on the edge of the rapidly eroding cliffs. These two casemates were built to house 17cm SK L/40 naval guns.
You can also see two observation posts here, an old French post, and a combined German observation and machine gun position which would direct fire for the two M270 crews.
Two ammunition bunkers, a machine gun post, and two personnel shelters make up the rest of the site with the larger Wellblech shelter also boasting an additional anti-aircraft gun position on one end.
Most of the bunkers at Stp Dresden are on private land but can be viewed from the beach.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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