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Stp Renke

Inland batterie near Offekerque

Stp Renke site overview

What to see

Stp Renke is a small batterie of four gun casemates located to the north of Offekerque, a small village 6km inland of the beaches between Calais and Dunkirk.
R669 casemates are one of the most frequently built types on the Atlantikwall and were constructed for field guns, in this case captured French 15.5cm cannons.
Here you can find four examples in an around the edge of an equestrian centre with one of the casemates partially buried and the rest easy to view with permission. Behind three of the casemates are small personnel shelters and there are also two small ammunition storage shelters located between the four gun positions.
The four casemates face to the north west in the direction of the wide beach areas to the east of Calais.


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