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Stp Myrthe

Large personnel shelters in Oye-Plage

Stp Myrthe site overview

What to see

Spread throughout the village of Oye-Plage, it can be tricky to find the remaining buildings from Stp Myrthe as many are now in private gardens or within school grounds.
However, inside a park to the north of the village are two huge personnel bunkers which can still be accessed.
Located just a few yards away from each other are a double Vf2a shelter and a R502 double group shelter.
There is a second R502 within the playground of the local school and a R504 anti-tank gun garage and group shelter to the east of the village, although the latter has been incorporated into a large family home.
A small shelter at the centre of the site is also part of modern housing while two Tobruk on the northern edge of the village also remain although one has been lost to woodland and the other sunken within a farmer’s field.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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