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Stp Eduard

S-Boat bunker site protecting entrance to Dunkirk port area

Stp Eduard site overview

What to see

The port of Dunkirk was the first major port to be captured as German forces swept across France in 1940 and a building program for defensive structures was implemented almost immediately to protect their newfound territory.
At Stp Eduard – in the northeast area of the town - you can find a large range of defensive casemates and personnel buildings, plus one of the largest bunkers built in the Dunkirk area.
These constructions were created as a defensive position for the locks which allowed entry along the Canal de Bourbourg into the port’s main docks area.
At the heart of them is a huge, special construction bunker which featured two large pens for German ‘Schnellboots’, the torpedo-armed fast boats which patrolled the narrow English Channel between Dunkirk, Calais, and the south coast of England.
This two-storey building measures over 65m long and 60m wide with a large observation deck on top and would have provided protection for up to four S-Boats. Around 250m inland, at the end of the short canal is a second, smaller S-Boat building. Both are currently in industrial use and undergoing redevelopment so access inside it no longer possible.
On the seafront looking out towards the East Mole – that used by the British Expeditionary Force during the evacuation – are several large, early-type casemates for defensive weapons, plus two R501 personnel shelters and two R134 ammunition storage bunkers.
Inland, and now almost buried by vegetation you can see a large storage bunker and a R621 group shelter.
Please be careful if visiting this site as it is currently being used by large construction vehicles involved in dock development.


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