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Stp Brassen

Inland batterie protecting port of Dunkirk

Stp Brassen site overview

What to see

Also known as Batterie d’Uxem, this inland batterie is located east of Dunkirk between the port town and the Belgian border.
An early construction following the occupation of France by German forces in 1940, Brassen was completed in March 1942 and features four open emplacements for 15.5cm guns, each with four small structures situated around the circular gun mount for ammunition.
With a range of over 10km, the guns here could easily reach the coastline just 4km away but were able to swivel through 360 degrees to cover inland targets if needed too.
There are also three R622 double group shelters and a trio of R134 ammunition bunkers although one appears to have also been used as a hospital bunker for the 60 soldiers located at the batterie.
Two small ammunition storage niches, a small, block-built observation post, and a Vf206 (or Vf61a as they were also called) type Tobruk for a captured 5cm French fortress mortar completes the buildings at this site.
Stp Brassen is on private land but can be accessed with permission from the owner.


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