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Stp Blei

Extensive bunker site now off limits to the public

Stp Simon site overview

What to see

This extensive bunker site to the west of the village of Ghyvelde was accessible up until a few years ago but has now been completely fenced off as it stands on private land and is a dangerous location to visit due to crumbling buildings and wildfowl shooting and fishing lakes.
However, you can still see the outside of several of the buildings from the road which cuts through the middle of the site.
There are six main buildings which remain here – R502 and two R622 personnel shelters, two R134 ammunition storage bunkers, and a R134K kitchen bunker - along with more than a dozen smaller field shelters which are little more than rubble today.
Various weapons were positioned at Stp Blei during the working life of the site including four 10.5cm guns, four 15.5cm captured French howitzers, and six 15.5cm heavy field guns. There is a single open emplacement at the western edge of the site which would have supported one of these weapons.
But it’s not the only reminder that guns were positioned here as inside one of the R134 ammunition bunkers there are markings on the walls which give an indication of stocks of ammunition of the different types of weapons in place at the site. These two bunkers are no longer accessible to the public.
Perhaps the most interesting of the buildings which remain is the R134K kitchen bunker and the partially ruined canteen building next to it. Although heavily overgrown, the canteen was accessible until a few years ago and has an interesting pattern of swastika-design tiles on its floor, although they are in mirror view to the standard design.


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