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MKB Malo Terminus

Huge Kriegsmarine batterie built over old French fort

MKB Malo Terminus site overview

What to see

The huge Kriegsmarine batterie site known as MKB Malo Terminus is located in the Leffrinckoucke dunes to the west of Dunkirk.
Built over and around a French fort, this site features over 40 concrete structures and was one of the first Kriegsmarine batteries built by occupying German forces after they swept across Northern France in May 1940.
From above you can see a host of different concrete structures including fire control posts - one French and one German - plus personnel shelters, ammunition stores, open emplacements for field cannons and anti-aircraft guns, and four large casemates.
You can find three open emplacements along the top of the dune line, and these were originally built for the French fort and were designed to keep the English at bay.
They were later used by the Germans before the more protective R671 casemates were built.
These four, front facing R671 type gun casemates once housed 105mm Czech made cannons designed to target shipping in this narrow section of the English Channel and protect the port area of Dunkirk.
The original observation and fire control post for the French fort was adapted by invading German forces and as the site grew rapidly it was superseded by a much larger M162a type Leitstand which provided the ranging for the four guns.
This M162a is a multi-level fire control post and has an ammunition storage bunker attached. Many of the buildings are accessible with care but beware of sharp drops between the constructions in in the dunes around the fort.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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