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Wn219 Drossel

Unfinished bunker site in dunes near Ambleteuse

Wn219 Drossel site overview

What to see

Located in the scrubland behind the dunes to the south of Ambleteuse, Wn219 Drossel is a spread-out strongpoint with restricted access and the three remaining casemates are almost completely overgrown and inaccessible to visitors.
This site features three R680 casemates, heavy duty builds for 7.5cm Pak 40 type anti-tank guns, and these were positioned with their area of fire facing inland. It’s thought that this site was planned to be part of a much larger batterie, possibly one with a position for a K5 railway gun – an example of which can be seen at the nearby Batterie Todt Museum.
However, apart from a straggler Tobruk further into the dunes, these three casemates were all that was constructed.
In use they may have been able to prevent any movement from the south and east towards the larger batteries on the Cap Gris Nez area around Batterie Todt.


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