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Wn218 Bekassine

Trio of small bunker sites on the beach and dunes

Wn218 Bekassine site overview

What to see

Located in the Slack dunes and beach area between Ambleteuse to the north and Wimereux to the south, Wn218 Bekassine is made up of three small sites.
Like many of the bunker sites in this area this site is named after bird species with Bekassine the German name for the Common Snipe, a wading bird.
Bekassine 1 is at the northern end of the dunes as is the easiest found as there is still a 200m long section of anti-tank wall on the beach. Although destroyed and buried in the sand, you can see what an obstacle this once was.
Behind the wall are the remains of a personnel shelter and a large observation post.
A second observation post stands around 200m to the south along the beach and is part of Bekassine 2 along with an R668 six-man shelter now almost buried by the huge sand dune system which makes up the Slack dunes.
Just a single building remains at Bekassine 3 – a R680 casemate which stands on the beach and once housed a 7.5cm Pak 40 cannon.


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