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Wn206 Dohle

Small resistance nest overlooking Slack dunes

Wn206 Dohle site overview

What to see

The sand dunes and beaches around Wimereux and Ambleteuse to the north of Boulogne-sur-Mer are popular destinations for tourists and activity seekers, but they also feature numerous defensive bunker sites.
Wn206 Dohle is a small Widerstandsnest resistance point located in the Dunes de la Slack on the outskirts of Wimereux and offers a commanding position overlooking the area.
Next to the car park off the D940 road you can see a small personnel shelter but cross the rod and head into the dunes and you’ll find two Michelmannstands for heavy machine guns in close proximity, a Tobruk (which now has an observation platform on top), and also a large, but almost completely buried shelter right at the top of the dunes.
To prevent erosion of the site and protect wildlife there is a clearly defined path through the site and visiting the individual bunkers is now more difficult than it was a few years ago. Remember to show respect.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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