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Wn202 Blasshuhn

Small strongpoint in the town of Ambleteuse

Wn202 Blasshuhn site overview

What to see

Most of Wn202 Blasshuhn has been covered over by the growth of Ambleteuse, but there’s still the remains of several buildings to be found next to the beach at the western side of the village.
At the point of the slipway onto the beach at the end of Rue d’Angleterre there’s a Vf67 type Tobruk which was built to mount a captured tank turret – normally a Renault 32 – which gave the turret a 360 view of the area.
Further back along the road the roof of a R607 ammo bunker can be seen – this is often used as a car park - while amongst the houses and garden there’s a R621 group shelter and a smaller personnel shelter.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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