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Stp258 Pantoffelblume Fort d'Alprech

Radar and gun bunker complex built over old French fort

Stp258 Pantoffelblume Fort d'Alprech site overview

What to see

Many of the larger bunker sites around the Boulogne area were based upon former French batteries or forts and this extensive strongpoint is a prime example.
Built in the late 1870’s much of the original Fort d’Alprech site remained when Kriegsmarine forces occupied the cliff top location to the south of the city in May 1940.
The remaining fortress walls, two open gun positions, and ammunition stores were bolstered by some serious concrete builds, the largest of which being a huge multi-room headquarters/command bunker to the left-hand side of the main entrance near to the original barracks for French troops.
Stp258 was built as a naval radar and searchlight position and features two foundations for Wurzburg radar dishes, along with a generator bunker, four personnel bunkers, a garage for a searchlight, and a special construction Wellblech and ammunition storage shelter which is currently right on the edge of the cliff face. We strongly advise not visiting this building for safety reasons.
The site is flanked either to the north and south by two R612 gun casemates which housed 7.5cm cannons and both had commanding views over the coastline.
The R612 to the south has an interesting camouflage pattern incorporated into the outer skin of the building to help break up the shape and shine from the concrete. It tends to be flooded and access inside is no longer possible but if you’re visiting here then please take care as it’s now very close to the cliff edge.
Visitors can enjoy guided tours of the fort – more information is available via the Fort Cap d’Alprech Association’s website at


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