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Stp221 Arnika II and III

Interlinked strongpoints protecting the port of Boulogne-sur-Mer

Stp221 Arnika II and III site overview

What to see

Stp221 Arnika comprises three interlinked strongpoints situated on the high Pointe de La Crèche headland to the north of Boulogne-sur-Mer – and there’s a lot of concrete concentrated here!
Arnika II and III are on the cliff edge while Arnika I is located on the site of an old French fort around 200 metres inland from the coast, behind the two others.
All three were controlled by the Kriegsmarine and Arnika II was once an impressive batterie featuring four R671 casemates for 10.5cm Skoda guns plus a series of three open emplacements for anti-aircraft guns situated a few yards inland. One of the R671s has already fallen from the cliff top and it won’t be long until the remaining three suffer the same fate as the cliff has already slipped along the line of the casemates. Unsurprisingly, it’s best to keep to the path here and avoid any dangerous situations by trying to get a look at the R671s.
Arnika Crèche III stand on the point of the headland and has favoured slightly better than its near neighbour. Walking from the D940 coast road to the point you can see a small R611 emplacement for a field gun, a structure created to cover the northern sector of the cliff top site.
The casement is sealed up now, but it hides a secret network of tunnels inside the cliffs behind it, linking the casemate with several other positions at the site. The tunnels are no longer accessible but are extensive.
The coastal path heading north takes you past a cliff top garage for a searchlight, an observation post, group shelters, and an R634 six embrasure turret bunker. The armoured turret has long since been removed for its scrap value.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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