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Stp215 Mantelmowe

Clifftop casemate and shelter south of Wimereux

Stp215 Mantelmowe site overview

What to see

Positioned at the southern edge of the beautiful town of Wimereux, Strongpoint 215 Mantelmowe was built to cover the beach to the north of its location and work with Stp214 Lachmowe in the heart of the town.
Here you can find a lone R612 casemate for an assault gun which had a clear view across the sand, plus a Wellblech personnel shelter and a small ammunition storage bunker. The Wellblech has been sealed up except for a small opening to allow the resident bats to come and go.
Visits to the remaining buildings here aren’t recommended as they are near to the cliff edge – stick to the path and enjoy the walks in the area.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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