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Stp207 Fischreiher

Clifftop strongpoint north of Wimereux

Stp207 Fischreiher site overview

What to see

Many of the remaining structures at Stp207 Fischreiher are on borrowed time as they stand at the edge of the cliffs at this site located to the north of the town of Wimereux.
There are already several concrete builds which have fallen either fully or partially from the cliffs here and now rest in ruins on the rocky shoreline below. This is a dangerous site to visit, and our advice is to stick to the footpath and don’t venture anywhere near to the cliff edge.
Those bunkers most at risk of being lost in the next few years are two R621 type group shelters – one each at the north and south of the strongpoint - plus an open emplacement originally built for a 7.5cm field gun. The base for the field gun has already fallen into the sea below, but you can still see its brick-built ammunition storage area which was located at the rear of the emplacement but now hangs precariously on the cliff edge.
Defence of the site came from a R612 casemate for a 7.5cm assault gun, and a series of Tobruks, including one for a captured French tank turret.
Of those concrete buildings which do remain in place, it is only the roofs which are visible from the footpath. Next to the car park is a R621 group shelter – one of five originally built at the site – and you can spot a close defence Tobruk and two apertures for communication aerials on the top of the bunker which is now almost completely buried.
There are also two storage bunkers inland on the golf course which runs alongside and to the east of the D940 coast road.


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