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Stp 259 Pechnelke MKB Fluplatz

Kriegsmarine batterie which boasts a hospital and bakery too

Stp 259 Pechnelke MKB Fluplatz site overview

What to see

Stp259 Pechnelke boasts a strange mix of concrete builds as the site was created by the Kriegsmarine but stood next to a Luftwaffe airfield and inland of a naval radar station.
There are a lot of different structures to explore although many can now only be viewed from afar as they are in private hands or in farm fields.
The largest builds are four R671 type casemates which were built to protect three British-made 94mm Vickers guns. Many guns of this type were captured as the British retreated from Dunkirk in 1940 and found use on the Atlantikwall.
The fourth R671 was adapted with an extra concrete frontage which narrowed the embrasure so the building could be used as an observation post for the batterie.
Behind the casemates is a cluster of buildings which included a hospital, bakery, observation post, anti-aircraft gun position, plus numerous personnel and storage bunkers of varying strengths and sizes. Access to most is tricky as they have become dumping grounds and are unsafe to visit without care and a strong pair of boots.
On the airfield side of the site, you can see the remains of the control tower, plus a personnel bunker next to a football field, and an open emplacement for a 5cm KwK anti-tank gun which protected the site from the south east.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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