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Wn02 Merville-Franceville East

Extensive site now covered by holiday parks

Wn02 site overview

What to see

This site to the eastern side of Merville-Franceville between the beach and main road to Cabourg was once an extensive position with over 20 individual gun casemates, Tobruks, personnel shelters, ammunition stores, and an observation post.
Today, very little of the original site remains and is dotted around two large camping and holiday park sites.

Driving along the main road east to Cabourg you can see one of the rear guard positions for the Wn02 Widerstandsnest, a 1694 type Ringstand which would have housed a 5cm KwK gun. This ringstand differs from the usual types found on the Atlantikwall in that it also features an outer concrete shell and roof, ginving the position cover from attack from the seaward side and also from air-dropped bombs.

In the dunes by the beach are the remains of an extensive anti-tank wall along with two side-by-side casemates - a R105 type for a machine gun such as a MG34 or MG42 and a stronger R667 casemate for a 5cm KwK anti-tank gun - both of which are almost completely overrun by the sand and vegetation so difficult to access.
They both face west along the beach to deliver fire onto what would have been the sixth D-Day beach known as 'Band', which although planned in the run up to D-Day, didn't get the final go ahead for a June 6 assault.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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