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Stp20 Granville

Clifftop strongpoint made up of a dozen smaller sites

Stp20 site overview

What to see

Strongpoint 20 (Stp20) at Granville is made up of around a dozen smaller Widerstandsnests with Wn05 - located at the point of the cliffs - boasting the largest number of concrete constructions.
Also known as Pointe du Roc, the Kriegsmarine batterie Wn05 has a commanding view over the sea - hence the location of a modern semaphore station - and featured emplacements for three captured 120mm, First World War guns in M158 open emplacements.
These were supported by four R671 type casemates for 105mm guns and a R669 casemate housing a 75mm filed cannon, all covering the coast and the vital port area to the south east of the pointe.
All four of the R671s are still visitable but only one of the M158 and it's attached R656 personnel bunker are visible the other two now buried with only edges of their roofs able to be seen.
A M162a Leitstand bunker provided the observation and this still remains although now it is the foundation of the semaphore station.
A walk back along the cliffs in both directions from the point takes you to the other Widerstandsnests nearby where there are a mix of defensive positions, air-raid shelters, and personnel shelters.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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