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Marg03 Sainte Marguerite sur Mer

Famous fallen bunker on the beach location

Marg03 site overview

What to see

It’s only when you see a bunker in the position of the R622 type Double Group shelter standing on its corner on the beach at Sainte Marguerite sur Mer that you realise just how big these concrete constructions really are.

One of the most photographed bunkers on the whole Atlantikwall in France, this personnel shelter with defensive Tobruk once sat on the chalk cliffs behind but due to erosion of the soft material became dangerous and was helped onto the beach where it rests today.
You can get underneath the bunker and see inside it from where the foundations would have been but watch out for the tide as they can surround the bunker.

The R622 is just one of many bunkers and gun casemates at Sainte Marguerite. On farmland inland of the cliffs you can also find a second R622 group shelter, two R621 gun casemates, and two R612 casemates plus a rare R600 anti-tank gun emplacment.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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