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Le Hode Flak batterie

Anti-aircraft gun site on banks of River Seine

Le Hode Flak batterie site overview

What to see

Upstream of the town of Honfleur is a small bunker site which featured two positions for anti-aircraft guns located to intercept and Allied aircraft in the area around the mouth of the River Seine and the nearby port and industrial areas.
Two special construction Flakstands still remain, although they are in an area used for wildfowl hunting and visiting is not advised without guidance. Both buildings are in good condition but are inaccessible.
This site was once the location for a ferry which crossed the Seine, and a small terminal/ticket building stands just behind the Flakstands which also provided a shelter for troops. It is now in use by the shooting groups who use the area.


Directions to bunker sites in this area...

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