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Die010 Mont Robin

Extensive radar and defensive bunker site on high ground

Die010 Mont Robin site overview

What to see

One of the largest bunker sites in Normandy, Die010 is located on the high ground of Mont Robin to the west of the port town of Dieppe.
It featured more than 30 defensive positions, personnel shelters, and storage bunkers, all encircling a large L485 A-type bunker, the larger of two types, for a massive Mammut radar system and its supporting buildings.
Known as station Dickhauter, the site also boasted two Wurzburg Reise, dish-type radars.
Mammut radar systems were designed for long-range detection and were able to pick out aircraft up to 300km away while the Wurzburg was a medium-range system with a range of 70km (43 miles).
A defensive perimeter of ten R630 machine gun casemates and smaller Tobruks with versions for tank turrets provided the most firepower, but there was also a R633 automatic mortar bunker, a R634 six-embrasure turret bunker, and a R114a neu type six-embrasure turret bunker.
Today the site is farmland and most of the buildings are overgrown and inaccessible to the public.


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